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Dextrose (ˈdekstrōs) is a simple sugar produced from corn, it is commonly used as a sweetener in packaged and processed foods

Commonly Used in:
Cake Mix
Canned Goods
Cured Meats
Energy Drinks
Frozen Drinks

Dextrose (ˈdekstrōs) is a simple sugar produced from corn, commonly found in sweeteners in packaged and processed foods. On food labels, dextrose may appear as corn sugar, wheat sugar, rice sugar, dextrose monohydrate, d-glucose, grape sugar, or dextrose anhydrase.

Consuming excess sugars is linked to weight gain, cavities, lowered immunity, and an increased risk of many diseases – including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and certain cancers.
Like many sugars, dextrose is empty calories. If you want to avoid or reduce eating dextrose, read all food labels carefully and limit the amount of packaged and processed foods consumed. Try going for more whole, unprocessed, nutrient-rich plant-based foods.

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